I do not know why, but I feel really cluttered. That so many thing disturb my think, and so many thing that I should solve. I can shows my happy face, my best perform, my A, my B and my all good that I can do. The only thing that makes me happy through all this, of course, because God gave me strength through it. And in fact, there’s one more thing that makes me happy, that’s support from the one who always make me happy, I expecting he always be my precious person in my life. Thank you. La.. la la… what else? Actually, there are many thing that make’s me happy, even though I went through so many things that sometimes make me want to sleep alone or go on vacation without having to remember everything, but God and he who become my precious person, has a very big influence in my life right now. And will always be influential in my life, because it is very meaningful to me.

Everything seemed fine spinning. Routine – problem – happiness – a solution (with a long process), sure of all? Hahaha .. I do not know .. Am I really need a tight to make it just right? Or need a few day to rest well? I hope all is well.. soon..